WSF Restructures World Agreements

The World Squash Federation has radically altered the process by which World Championships and Conferences are allocated.

Until now, member nations wanting to host have simply applied for the opportunity. The result of this has been no certainty that all regions of the world will have a share, secure a range of events over time, or be able to lay plans several years ahead should they wish.

The WSF has now introduced a new forward plan in which the five regions of the world have been allocated all the Federation’s events and conferences right through to the year 2020.

In 2014, for example, Pan America will stage the Women’s World Team Championship; while Europe will take theWSF Development Conference and WSF Federations ConferenceAfrica will host the Men’s World Junior Individual & Team Championships (with the Women’s Junior Individual Championship alongside); Asia will have the World Doubles and WSF AGM; and Oceania the World Masters.

In the following year, the 2015 Men’s World Team Championship and WSF Referees Conference will be in the Pan American region; while Asia will host the Women’s World Junior Individual & Team Championships (with theMen’s Junior Individual); etc.

Countries interested in hosting an event or conference that has been allocated to their region will apply to become the choice of the region, and so be put forward to WSF for approval.

“It’s a fairer spread, with more certainty – and better all round,” commented WSF Chief Executive Andrew Shelley.

In an additional change of procedure, countries can no longer bid without specifying the actual venues and hotel, so that accessibility and suitability can be assured prior to acceptance.