WSF Member Guideline – August 2010

Playing rules are continually reviewed by the WSF Rules Committee, with a view to periodically publishing changes in an orderly manner.

However, should members receive requests for clarifications where there is uncertainty here is the position in a few areas:

The regular tin height is as it has always been i.e. 19 inches / 48cm. Only the PSA Men’s Tour, World Men’s Team Championship & some other high level men’s events & international doubles events that use a lower tin (17” / 43cm)

There are two forms of scoring, both of which are in accordance with the Rules of the Game.

Higher level competitive events such as PSA / WISPA Tours, all WSF Championships and Regional Games etc now use Point-A-Rally to 11 points, but while this is also an option for recreational level players there is no WSF intention that this become the standard for all levels of play in all age groups.

Hand in / hand out to nine would tend to lead to longer matches for recreational players, so since this may be considered more satisfying as mentioned, it is the choice of the players, club, league or national federation to decide what scoring is to be used locally.

Similarly Point-A-Rally to 15 may be adopted at local choice.

The Rules of squash do not offer flexibility that allows the number of lets in a game to have a fixed maximum or be disallowed altogether.

However, controlled authorised experimentation on any Rules with results is welcomed by the WSF Rules Committee.

Andrew  Shelley
Chief Executive, World Squash Federation