WSF Extend Development Support With Dunlop Partnership

National squash federations worldwide have received a boost with the launch of WSF Dunlop KickStart 2012, a new WSF initiative which will see 250 dozen Dunlop Max balls being delivered to nations via the regional federations.

This is an addition to the ongoing long term Official Ball partnership that WSF and Dunlop maintain.

The Dunlop Max ball is larger than a normal squash ball and more bouncy; it is a beginners’ ball that is an established introductory tool.

Announcing the initiative, WSF Chief Executive Andrew Shelley commented: “Development is always at the top of our agenda, and this is another way for us to support local coaches, especially in ‘young’ countries, as they introduce new blood into our sport.

“We are already growing in so many countries as a result of local structures – and we are pleased to support these. We are very grateful to Dunlop for their partnership and look forward to getting feedback about the success of the initiative at the WSF World Development Conference later this year.”

Sunny Singh, Dunlop’s Head of Sports Marketing, added: “Squash is a vibrant market for us, and we are eager to assist the sport to grow in any way we can. The Max is the ball we know that coaches like to use, especially for children, as they start out on what for so many becomes a long-term exercise regime.

“We wish this WSF initiative every success and are pleased to be the KickStart partner.”

Squash is played in over 180 countries and has had world champions from each of the world’s five continents.


  1. Could the WSF or Dunlop give us some idea of how many Max balls they sell every year in comparison with sales of the 2 Yellow dot

    I have never heard of a Max being used

  2. I do agree with Mike. Its not at all available ….not atleast in Karachi Pakistan. All I can find are single yellow or doube yellow balls which are very difficult to play with. Especially for a beginner like me.

    I have seen so many players aorund me who started the game with much enthusiasm but then just became disappointed very early. Since, as I have mentioned above its really really difficult to start from teh srcath with yellow dot or white dot balls ..