World Squash Day To Back 2020 Olympic Bid

World Squash Day takes place this year on Saturday October 20th in a global show of support for the sport’s efforts to win a place in the 2020 Olympic Games. Events will be taking place all over the globe with one firm message: Back The Bid.

In announcing the date, World Squash Federation Chief Executive Andrew Shelley said: “The players want it, and squash enthusiasts all over the world are desperate to see the sport included in the Olympic Games.

“So it is essential that we stage events like World Squash Day to galvanise that global support on one fantastic day of activities to promote the bid. This is a great way for players of all ages and abilities to support the Olympic bid and have a lot of fun in doing so.

“We would love to see every squash club on the planet getting involved on this special day so that thousands of players take part. That kind of response would help to show the kind of support that exists for the 2020 bid, especially in an Olympic year like this.”

Alan Thatcher, founder of World Squash Day, added: “The whole idea is for squash to create headlines all over the world to raise the profile of the sport and create awareness of the Olympic bid. Squash players are phenomenal athletes and thoroughly deserve to be showcasing their talents in the Olympic Games.”

World champion Nick Matthew, an Ambassador for the Squash2020 campaign, explained that the opportunity to win an Olympic gold medal would be the pinnacle of any squash player’s career.

After beating world number one James Willstrop to clinch a hat-trick of titles at London’s prestigious Canary Wharf Classic, he said: “With two English players competing in London, I can only say that this would have made a great Olympic final. We are devastated not to be in the London Olympics, or the 2016 event, but we have to concentrate on 2020 and do all we can to get there this time.”

Women’s record six-time world champion Nicol David has stressed: “I would happily swap my six world titles for one Olympic gold medal.”

Clubs and players from around the world should stand by for announcements of exciting participation events that will form the centre-piece to World Squash Day.

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  1. World Squash Day is a great idea but I think more focus should be put in to raising its profile to attract new young players. It’s well documented that squash is regarded as one of the best sports to play from a fitness perspective, I would push that message to try and increase the number of participants.

  2. Squash is a game that is easy play but very hard to play well.

    So youngsters can learn to play the game easily and have fun very quickly.

    It is a game that is very addictive and the more you play and the better you become the more you want to play.

    The court makes you feel like a Gladiator the racket is the sword as it is one against one. Most courts you are watched by spectators from above so when you go on the court and the door is closed the battle begins.

    You rely on nobody else only your own skill wits and brian power so like a gladiator you need to practice learning the different shots ball control and racket skills. The speed of the ball the five surfaces that you can play off so by watching good players skills you can mimmic their shots and improve your own playing ability.

    Squash also offers one of the highest forms of fitness remember you need to be fir to play Squash it is not a game to try to get fit while playing.

    Take up Squash now who knows you might be the first player to receive an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL