Harare To Host 2012 All Africa Junior Squash Championships

Vijay Gajjar, President of the African Squash Federation, today announced that the next All Africa Junior Championships will be staged in Harare, Zimbabwe, from 5-10 April 2012 – during which the African Squash Federation AGM will also take place.

Commenting upon the first time that the event has been staged in Harare, at the St John’s Squash Club, Gajjar said: “While Egypt go from strength to strength at the top of the sport, here in Africa there are encouraging signs of growth in a number of other countries.

“A number of traditional squash-playing nations have a well-developed squash culture – in Congo, for example, the government has provided land for a national centre, and a new scheme ‘Squash to Schools’ has been launched there. Malawi is also targeting primary and high schools as part of its strategic plan with government sponsorship under the title ‘President’s Initiative For Sport’.

“Namibian squash also continues to develop, with the country competing in the Men’s World Team Championships this year for the first time. And with Botswana, Zambia and other countries active too, there are growth spurts to be seen across the continent,” concluded Gajjar.

N Ramachandran, President of the World Squash Federation, welcomed the announcement: “Sub Saharan Africa has tended to be a hidden gem in the world of squash. Despite limited resources, there is so much going on, with national federations spearheading initiatives to develop the sport.

“We can only praise this work which will ensure the vibrancy of our sport in the region.”


  1. This is wonderful news I definitely will be looking forward to this event.I am hoping as a squash coach based at a high school this event will coincide with a MARKING AND REFEREES COURSE prior to the event to update us on the ASB TOP SQUASH REFEREE SYSTEM.

  2. It has just began Zimbabwe will be the home of Squash in a few year to come no matter the difficulties we face but we will be counted. My dream is to host PSA tournaments and get most of our players be involved.

    I am a coach and referee i attend most of the world conference to keep abreast with all new stuff that comes in and apply it to Zimbabwean players. SQUASH BID FOR OLYMPIC 2020 Lets go for it.