Cricket Star Backs Squash Bid

World record-breaking cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan has offered his support to squash’s bid to join the Olympic programme.

At the Opening Dinner of the Asian Junior Squash Championships in Colombo, the Sri Lanka star – who has taken 800 Test wickets and over 500 in One Day internationals – was presenting a Friend of Sri Lankan Squash award to IndianWorld Squash Federation President Mr N Ramachandran.

“I’ve played squash and was particularly impressed with just how hard it is physically – the top athletes must be super-fit,” said Muralitharan. “Perhaps I might give it a go when I finally retire from cricket in order to stay fit myself!

“I’m told my wrist action might make me a very difficult player to read on court!

“I’m very happy to be linked with the bid by such a fine sport to gain a place as a summer Olympics medal sport,” concluded the revered cricketer.

Thanking him, Mr Ramachandran responded: “Both our sports have World Cups beginning shortly, and while we look forward to looking out for your results and you keep an eye on the Sri Lankan team effort in ours, we are grateful that we can all look towards the biggest possible prize for any squash player, participation in the Olympic Games.”


  1. I’ve rued the lack of squash from the Olympics for many many years. I’ve spoken to sports/olympics presenters at the BBC who don’t understand it either. I think it is played in enough countries to warrant being part.

  2. I personally think that the WSF, PSA and WISPA have failed miserably in promoting and generating interest for any Olympic inclusion to this great sport.
    Squash is like a Gladiator sport and should be promoted as such with the same ideals as the original Olympic movement from way back when In ancient Greek times.
    Squash enthusiasts all know the benefits of Squash as a great physical and mental game and yet the rest of the World are not that well educated on this game.
    Huge fitness clubs have taken over the lives of millions of health and fitness fanatics and squash should be a part of those clubs as there is NO better workout than a game of Squash.
    When I coach at my local Health and Fitness club I always stress that Squash is more fun than spending time on Treadmills!
    That is the way to promote Squash to the Olympic committee.
    I have seen many written articles over the years stating that Hashim Khan was probably the greatest athlete of his time followed years later by Jahangir Khan.
    It is also a well documented fact that Geoff Hunt could probably have been a top class middle distance runner due to his track sessions!
    Get Jahangir Khan, Geoff Hunt, Peter Nicol, Jonah Barrington with financial support from the Sultan of Brunei (friend of Jahangirs and a lover of squash) to head a team for the next Olympic bid.
    I would also suggest that the three main bodies of Squash get their heads out of the sand and come together as one fighting unit for the purpose of promoting and unity within the sport.