Squash falls short in Olympic Bid

The 2016 Olympic Bid – Post Berlin

Message from WSF President and review and critique of the Squash 2016 bid …

Further to the short statement sent out immediately after the result was announced (below), here is  a much more detailed report and analysis of the campaign, Berlin and the future.

I was in Berlin all Wednesday and Thursday and we both attended the press conference.  First, our thanks to the many of you for the warm, supportive and encouraging messages received and much appreciated.

2016 Bid critique and review

Dr George Mieras


“I speak for the whole sport when I say that we are hugely disappointed that the IOC Executive Board has not selected Squash to face the wider IOC vote in Copenhagen in October,” said WSF President N Ramachandran in response to today’s IOC Executive Board announcement regarding the two sports which will be recommended for addition to the Olympic Games programme for 2016.

“I believe that Squash has come a long way in the last four years, not just in order to try and gain Olympic inclusion but for the benefit of the sport as a whole.  We have invested in developments and listened to players at all levels in order to help progress the sport.

“I believe that, through this, we have been able to take Squash to a new level.  Although we will not see our dream of being part of the Olympic Games from 2016, we will continue to improve the sport wherever possible, and will not give up on the belief that Squash is deserving of, and ready for, Olympic status.”