Accredited Products

Koko Thaw, International Sales Manager Aacer
Aacer Flooring
970 Ogden Road, Peshtigo, WI 54157, USA
Tel: (1) 715 582 1181   Fax: (1) 715 582 1182
Email:   Website:

Aacer Cush I, Aacer Cush I Plus, Aacer Flex Tri Power, Aacer Anchored Power Sleeper System, Aacer Channel System

Aacer Systems are performance sports floor system which meets the ergonomic needs of today’s athlete through sufficient force reduction, increased energy return as well as outstanding ball rebound characteristics. In addition our flooring systems minimize potential dead spots and vibration by increasing pad surface contact area without compromising the load bearing ability of the system..

Brian S Richy, Sales ManagerA Best Doubleplay
A Best Enterprises Inc.
879 Brickyard Circle, Unit B-9, Golden, CO 80403-8027, USA
Tel: (1) 303 659 4477   Fax: (1) 303 957 1522
Email:   Website:

A Best “Doubleplay” Standard Glass Back Wall and Door

DOUBLEPLAY structural glass walls manufactured by A Best Enterprises, Inc. since 1986.  Options include freestanding with glass fins or aluminium mullion supported.  Available in singles or doubles configurations.  In full compliance with the International Building Code Section 2408.  Standard door width is 914mm. Custom designs and configurations available..

Tom Abendroth Action
Action Floor Systems LLC 
4781 Highway 51, Mercer, Wisconsin 54547, USA
Tel: (1) 715 476 3512   Fax: (1) 715 476 3585
Email:   Website:

Action Cush I, Action Cush II, Action Cush II Plus, Action Thrust and Pro-Action Thrust Squash Court Flooring System

Action Floor Systems is located in Mercer, Wisconsin, USA.  We have been a manufacturer of Hard Maple Flooring and specialist in maple sport floor systems for 28 years. Action Floors is a member of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) and is WSF Accredited and FIBA Certified and also carry products that are FSC Certified.

Ajith Koshy, Operations Manager Hollman
Hollman Inc.
1825 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 110, Irving, Texas 75038, USA
Tel: (1) 972 815 4025  Fax: (1) 972 815 2901
Email:   Website:

Altempco Tempered Glass Back Walls

Details Awaited.

Jorn Salvesen BOEN_SPORT_hor_RGB_COLOR.jpg
Boen AS
Topdalsveien, 406/407, 4658, Tveit, Norway
Tel: (47) 992 13741
Email:   Website:

Boflex Squash, Arenaflex Squash & Singlefex Squash Flooring

Arenaflex Olympia Elevation Squash Finish & Singleflex Stadium Squash Finish.  Specialist Sport Systems. Hardwood surface with a Matt lacquered finish. Factory Finished. Tested and Certificates supplied. Product datasheets already supplied. Cleaning recommendation enclosed. Both are fixed systems. Special order would be unfinished for site applied painted colours.

Duncan MacKellar AC_logo_Col_R_V2
Armourcoat Limited
Morewood Close, London Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 2HU, England
Tel: (44) 1732 460668   Fax: (44) 1732 450930
Email:   Website:

Armourcoat Squash Court Plaster

Details Awaited.

Armourcoat Sounding Board System

Details Awaited.

Christof Babinsky
ASB Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbH
Fabrikstraße 14,  D-83371 Stein, Germany
Tel: (49) 8621 987410;    Fax: (49) 8621 987420

ASB All-Glass Court

ASB OneWayVision® glass, burned in ceramic dots for ideal grip of the squash ball and maximum visibility All glass structure without metal poles 100% freestanding and self supporting LED light system for super slow motion 3000fps Movable glass walls available Fully demountable Side doors and back wall door available Specially developed TVOptimised floor LED marking lines available Including ASB event consultation service Outdoor version available

ASB Squash System Court Walls and Rainbow Court

The original high density board, pre fabricated court system WSF accredited since 1988 Self supporting court walls/stand alone/independent of structural building walls Joint free surface finish – easy clean Sand filled Anti-humidity treatment optional 5 year full Warranty with warranty extension optional. Optional colours available

ASB Moveable Walls

WSF accredited since 1990 Available as manually or electrically (push button) operated Installation possible in combination with ASB System 100 or System 40 Court walls

ASB Glass-Back Wall

ASB PRO (alu framed) /Free standing/Rotary Glass-Back Walls Available in 2 or 4 panel configuration All fittings made of anodized ALUMINUM 12 mm SECURIT Glass According ESG-H DIN 1249/EN 12150 Doors allowing for wheelchair access

ASB-Haro Sports Model Melbourne 65 Flooring

Area elastic sports floor according DIN V 18032 part 2, with SST surface finish-depth impregnated for Squash and racket-sport

ASB LED Squash Court Lighting

Light chromaticity: 4000 K; Luminaire dimension: 265×1562×80mm; Luminaire weight: 7,3 kg; Samsung LED module, Osram driver; Opal diffusor for UGR decreasing
Body made of steel sheet with powder coating,RAL 9003 (bright white)

ASB Adjustable Tin

Consists aluminium 2mm thick. The tin board is height-adjustable from 480 to 430 mm. Also available as NEW INTERNAT DOUBLES configuration – 8,42 m wide – 3-way height adjustable 480 430 280 mm

Corona Zheng, Sales ManagerDalian GuoGuang
1-12-2, 41A Zhigong Str. Zhongshan Dis. Dalian, Liaoning, China
Tel: +86 0133 1411 0844

CGG All-Glass Court

Glass back-wall, Glass side walls, and Glass 4-sided walls for showcourt. With 12 mm thick tempered, glasses are tested by heat soaking and treatment preventing from self-blasting. Glasses coated with UV protection elements, have appropriate light transmittance to reduce interference from outsides to players. Glass courts are available in versions according to requirements. E.g. demountable or fixed installed version; with special equipment for TV, coaching, outdoor location.

CGG Court Floor

Sport floor is a fully sprung engineered sport floor according to EN 14904:2006. 

CGG Court Lighting

The LED lighting is protected against squash balls and antiglared from players’ eyes. The light chromaticity and light colour (cold, neutral or bright white) can be available on different requirements.

CGG Height Adjustable Tin

For long durability, the coated tin is adjustable from 19’/480 mm for Single Squash to 15’/380 mm and 13’/330mm for Double Squash. 

Ashu J. Aggarwal Harrison
Harrison Industries
Harrison House, AB/8 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110 029, India.
Tel: (91) 11 2610 5426 / (91) 11 4165 4051   Fax: (91) 11 2616 9064
Email: /   Website:

Combatwall Plaster Coat System

12-15mm thick, two layer cement-rich render; the system is applied in two layers (foundation layer and surface texture top layer). The surface texture layer is chemically formulated to optimise workability to achieve a self-colour finish top play wall surface. Walls for Squash Court Plaster Finish must be built of top quality brick/blocks (21 N/mm2) or dense aggregate block (7 N/mm2). 5yr Warranty.

Bill Roever, Director International Sales
Connor Sports Flooring
1830 Howard Street, Suite F, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, 60007, USA
Tel: (1) 801 924 3710   Fax: (1) 801 924 3711
Email:    Website:

Connor Squash Flooring System “Squashplay”, “Neoshock”, “Duracushion II” and “Rezill Sleeper DIN”

Performance Hardwood Flooring Systems.

Tommy Smith, DirectorCourtcraft Logo 2017
Courtcraft Limited
Logic House, 31 Gibfield Park Av., Gibfield Business Park,
Atherton, Manchester, M46 0SY
Tel: (44) 1942 881 500   Fax: (44) 1942 881 501
Email:   Website:

Courtcraft 'RENOV8' Squash Court Wall Panel System

Suitable for both new build construction, or for renovating existing plaster courts. Consisting of a single layer, the high-density fibre board is moisture resistant. With a 40mm overall thickness, the panels are infilled with fire-dried sand and painted with a specialist wall coating for durability. Renov8 panels come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, as standard. Terms & conditions apply.

Courtcraft 'INNOV8' Squash Court Panel System

Consisting of 2 layers of high-density, moisture-resistant panels are fixed onto a self-supporting main frame. It is then back-filled with fire-dried sand and then painted with a specialist wall coating for durability. Innov8 panels come with a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty, as standard. Terms & conditions apply.

Courtcraft 'INNOV8' Squash Court Moveable Side Wall

The movable side walls are available for use and used in conjunction with both Renov8 & Innov8 Squash Court Panel Systems. Specially designed to give your squash courts the benefits of both singles & doubles play, while allowing for other activities, when the squash courts are not in use. Innov8 Movable Wall Panels come with a manufacturer’s 10 year warranty, as standard. Terms & conditions apply.

Courtcraft Height Adjustable Tin

Courtcraft Height Adjustable Tins allow its user to change the squash court tin height from 19″ down to 17″, or vice versa. The main body of the tin boards are made from high-density panels and painted with a specialist wall coating for durability. The frame and rear brackets are made from a heavy-duty gauge aluminium profile. The top section is angled and is pre-finished in a red powder-coating.

Courtcraft LED Squash Court Lighting

Courtcraft provide two options of LED Lighting, in order to suit all budgets. Both products offer excellent Lux levels from the cool-white LED lamps and are fully encased for added lamp-protection from squash balls during squash sessions. Courtcraft LED Squash Court Lighting comes with a manufacturer’s 10 year warranty, as standard. Terms & conditions apply.

Courtcraft/Junckers Squash Court Floor

Junckers Squash Court Floors are obtainable in 22mm solid Beech and have a 60 grit finish. They are available in sealed & unsealed variants and conform to the latest BSEN 14904 type A4, when installed on the Logic Cradle system. Construction heights range from between 74mm – 120mm deep and can be installed as part of a refurbishment programme or in a new build construction.

Ellis Pearson Glass Back Walls

Two build types available, Freestanding supported by glass-fins or fixed-head types supported by posts and structural beams or lintels. Ellis Pearson Glass Back Walls are constructed from 12mm toughened glass, in accordance with stringent safety standards. Ellis Pearson Glass Back Walls are approved by the World Squash Federation and England Squash, and are backed by a 10 year guarantee. Terms & Conditions Apply.

CourtteachMarkus Gaebel, Managing Partner
CourtTech GmbH & Co. KG
Rupertistraße 7, 83278 Traunstein, Germany
Tel: (49) 8612 308 4820  Mob: (49) 1522 880 2090
Email:   Website:

CT System Walls

CT System Wall (SYS), free standing, 94 mm thickness, demountable,
CT Half-System (HS) Wall, 40 mm thickness. The sand fill walls provide an equal ball bounce. The special tongue and groove connection between the boards guarantees a joint less playing surface. CT walls are available in all colours. Club-Logo can be painted on the CT walls. 10 years guarantee independent of the climax conditions.

CT Glass Back Walls

CT Frame back wall and CT Fin glass back wall, all CT glass walls are made of 12 mm tempered glass, heat soak tested.

CT 4-Sided Glass Court

CT glass courts are available in versions according to the requirements. E.g. demountable or fixed installed version; with special equipment for TV, coaching, outdoor location.

CT Moveable Side Wall

The manual CT movable wall can easily moved, maintenance free, 10 years guarantee, available in all colours.

CT Pro Squash Floor

CT Pro squash floor is a fully sprung engineered sport floor according to EN 14904:2006.

CT Height Adjustable Tin

The top of the CT tins is powder-coated for long durability. Adjustable from 19’/480 mm for Single Squash to 15’/380 mm and 13’/330mm for Doubles Squash.

CT LED Lighting

he CT LED lighting is protected against squash balls. Osram LED, colour temperature 5000 K (neutral white), colour rendering CRI>80.

Wolfgang Denk
Courtwall Gmbh
c/o C19 Sportanlagen, Heiligenstädterstr. 86 Innenhof, A-1190 Vienna, Austria
Tel: (43) 699 1002 9506    Fax: (43) 1 533 3332
Email:   Website:

Courtwall 28mm Front Wall and 21mm Side Wall Squash Court Panels

22mm panels for the side and back walls, and 28mm panels from front walls. Panel surface is a multi-layer melamine surface – scratch and abrasion-free, and easy to be cleaned. Panel surface is a NON PAINT surface. The panels are mounted usind a hidden aluminium spline system to attach to the back construction – which must be placed every 30cm o.c. at the minimum. The back construction can be made out of a wood frame (system C50), a 5cm steel frame mounted against the solid building walls (system C75), or a free standing steel construction (system C100). Regardless which back construction is used, front walls can be built in Courtwall’s Ultimate Court quality with a refill of LIAPOR stones – to optimize the ball impact sound.

Courtwall All-Glass Court

Courtwall’s ProView2 glass, two colour ceramic dot system burned into the 12mm tempered security glass during tempering process for the ideal grip of the squash ball and maximum visibility. Ceramic dots are inside the court in blue colours, and outside always black (special inside colours available on request). Ceramic dots are Ø 2mm and have a distance of 2.55/2.55mm to achieve 49% coverage of the play wall. Fin stabilizer system. Courts are available as permanent installation or as mobile tournament show courts. Newest industry standard LED light system.

Courtwall Glass-Back Walls

Courtwall glass back walls are made of 12mm tempered glass (EN 12 150), heat soak tested. The walls are available as steel framed and glass fin stabilizer system. All hardware is made out of aluminium – automotive painted in white. Door comes in 914mm width (for wheel chair access) and has three door hinges, as well as a door handle and knob to open and close.

Courtwall Plaster System

10-12mm thick, two layer cement based plaster. Building walls for Squash Court Plaster Finish must be built of high quality bricks, concrete blockwork or ideally poured concrete walls (with a keyed surface), on which. In any case the building walls must be even and flat in tolerance of +/-2mm in every 10cm circle. It is not allowed to level the building walls with any other plaster than the original Courtwall plaster.

Courtwall Moveable Side Wall

Available as manually or electrically operated system. The moveable walls can be built in a panel system or glass with ProView2 system as play wall surface.

Courtwall-Boen Squash Flooring

Hardwood surfaced or solid hardwood floors available with a matt lacquered squash finish, allowing to absorb sweat to a certain degree. Surface factory finished. Cleaning recommendation is available on request. Available as permanently installed floor or mobile floor. Special stained coloured surfaces available for all glass courts. Construction height in total 67mm.

Courtwall Sound Board

White aluminium for long durability. Adjustable from Single Squash to Doubles Squash.

Courtwall LED Lights

12 light fixtures (50W, 550 lux) or 15 light fixtures (50W, 750 lux) 5000K: Luminaire dimension: 1504 x 60 x 57; Luminaire weight: 7kg; Made in Europe/Osram. Made for AC 230V.

Vernon Charles, Sales & Marketing DirectorEllis Pearson
Prospec Limited
Canklow Meadows Estate, West Bawtry Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 2XL, England
Tel: (44) 1709 377 147   Fax: (44) 1709 375 239
Email:   Website:

Ellis Pearson Glass Back Walls

Details Awaited.

Sandy Higgins, VP Sales & Marketing Fiberesin
Fiberesin Industries Inc.
P.O. Box 88, 37031, Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, 53066-0088, USA
Tel: (1) 262 560 4429   Fax: (1) 262 567 4814
Email:   Website:

Fiberesin 38mm Front Wall and 28mm Side Wall Racquetball/Squash Court Wall Panels

Manufactured using multiple layers of specially treated materials which are thermally-fused using exacting temperatures, pressures and time intervals. The resulting composite surface is highly durable and permanently bonded to the board material; there is no possibility of delamination. The panels are mounted using a proprietary aluminium spline system to attach to the building studs..

GSG logo def

Antoine Vermeulen
GSG B.V. (Glas Specialisme Gooiland)
PB 6112, 4000 HC Tiel, The Netherlands
Tel: (31) 3446 19746    Fax: (31) 3446 15379
Email: /   Website:

GSG HM Type 95.2 & Type 95.2 Handicap Access, Type 95.2 COCO-B & Type 95.2 COCO-B Handicap Access, Type 95.4 & Type 95.4 Handicap Access, Type 95.4 COCO-B & Type 95.4 COCO-B Handicap Access, Type 95.6 & Type 95.6 Handicap Access

Front and side walls with single or double CERAMIC dots. AGC 12mm tempered floatglass according to all safety standards. Hardware extruded and produced in the Netherlands.
GSG Coloured Enamelled Wall Cladding. Maintenance and repairs floor springs..

Katrin Klatt, Area Sales ManagerHARO Sports
Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co
KG Rohrdorfer Str. 133, 83071 Stephanskirchen/Ziegelberg, Germany
Tel: (49) 8031 700 246   Mob: (49) 173 709 9191   Fax: (49) 8031 700 463
Email:   Website:

HARO Sports Modell Melbourne 65 Flooring

Model Melbourne 65 is an area-elastic sports floor for squash and racket sport. This model features a 12,6mm HARO Sports hardwood flooring. The 3.6mm hardwood top layer receives a factory applied SST depth impregnation providing an unique grip for the players. This finish has exclusively been developed for squash and racket ball courts matching the needs of one of the fastest indoor ball games..

Ajith Koshy, Operations Manager Hollman
Hollman Inc.
1825 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 110, Irving, Texas 75038, USA
Tel: (1) 972 815 4025  Fax: (1) 972 815 2901
Email:   Website:

Hollman's Panelised Squash Courts

Details Awaited.

David Carr
McWIL Squash
5185 MacArthur Blvd, NW # 103-612, Washington, DC20016, USA
Tel: (1) 202 966 4776   Fax: (1) 202 315 3365
Email:   Website:

McWIL - Fiberesin 28mm Front and 21mm Side Walls

Details Awaited.

McWIL - Fiberesin 38mm Front and 28mm Side Walls

Details Awaited.

McWIL All-Glass Court

Details Awaited.

McWIL - HARO Sports Model Melbourne 65 Flooring

Details Awaited.

McWIL - GSG Glass Back Walls and Hardware

Details Awaited.

McWIL Adjustable Tin

Details Awaited.

Erika Milligan The Court Company
The Court Company
3059 Forest Hill – Irene Road, Suite 100 Germantown, TN 38138 USA
Tel: (1) 901 682-2600   Fax: (1) 901 682-2836
Email:   Website:

Panelized Squash Courts

The Court Company’s WSF certified 1-1/8″ (28mm) tongue and groove squash panels consist of a high density wood core and a high pressure laminate on both sides of the panel.  The panels are pre-finished in a standard color of white, but other color options are available upon request. The panels are manufactured to the highest of standards and are basically maintenance free with a 10-year warranty.

Mireille Gabbour Prestige
Prestige Sports Systems
11343 Grooms Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242, USA
Tel: (1) 513 469 6044   Fax: (1) 513 469 6444
Email: /   Website: /

Prestige Resi-Sleeper, Resi-Panel, Bi-Power Sleeper, Bi-Power “D-B” (Double Batten) Sleeper Modified, Bi-Power Sleeper Modified, Bi-Power Channel and Bi-Power Panel Flooring Systems

Details Awaited.

Simon Barker, Director Rebound
‘The Depot’, 21 Station Approach, Oldham, OL3 5EF England
Tel: (44) 145 787 9951   Mob: (44) 781 8046 464   Fax: (44) 161 929 7786
Email:   Website:

Rebound Plaster

5-10yr warranty. Weatherproof exterior grade. Strength 48 N/mm2 – Tensile & Compressive. Monolithic single coat – no de-lamination. Class “O” fire proof.

Rebound ‘Sport 2000’ Squash Court Paint

Water based – two pack. 2-5yr warranty. Weatherproof exterior grade – UV stable. Chemically boss – no peeling. Colours – all RAL colours available. Bonds to all sound surfaces. Only packed in “un” certified tins/pails.

Pia Bidstrup Skytte, Group Marketing ManagerJunckers
Junckers Industrier A/S
Værftsvej 4, 4600 Køge, Denmark
Tel: (45) 5667 3504   Fax: (45) 5667 3710
Email: /   Website: /

SylvaSquash Flooring System

Solid hardwood and a surface with high degree of friction. 22mm strip floor board in beech, maple, ash and oak. Slightly roughened surface, unsealed or with a coat of lacquer. Batten sub construction available to match any height requirement. Own produced line marking paint. Cleaning by sweeping, vacuuming or a well wrung out cloth. Tested and approved according to BS EN 14904.

Sanjay MinotraSyncotts
Syncotts International
J-219, Lane 2-W15, Western Avenue, Sainik Farms, New Delhi-110062, India
Tel: 91 11 29551733 / 29555390   Fax: 91 11 29554316
Email:   Website:

Syncotts Synplast Squash Court Hard Plaster

The product being offered is Synplast Squash Hard Plaster. It  is made up of epoxy , white cement , marble chips etc. It is available in 12mm thickness .

Syncotts Glass Back Wall

The product being offered is Syncotts Rear Glass wall. It is a 4 panel glass wall of 12mm with 4 fins of 15mm size. This is available for doubles court as well. The standard glass size is 6400mm.

Sophie Rochet, Indoor Sport & Education Segment ManagerTarkettSports_operational_rgb
Tarkett France
Tour Initiale, 1 Terrasse Bellini, TSA 94200, 92919 Paris La Defense, France
Tel: (33) 141 20 43 88   Fax: (33) 141 20 47 04
Email:   Web:

Tarkett Multiflex M Floors

Permanent wood system – 38mm thick – EN 14904 compliant. A 14mm engineered board protected with a dedicated lacquer, laid over a continuous plywood sub-construction on top of a foam layer; for a soft and homogeneous surface. Available in beech and oak. 57% shock absorption. Easy maintenance (refer to manufacturer’s guide). Always protect Squash floors when cleaning the walls.

Tarkett Proflex M Floors

Permanent wood system – 88mm thick – EN 14904 compliant. A 22mm engineered board protected with a dedicated lacquer; laid over a double batten system, on top of a foam layer; for an optimal shock absorption & ball bounce. Available in beech and oak 60% shock absorption.
Easy maintenance (refer to manufacturer’s guide). Always protect Squash floors when cleaning the walls.